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Writing to Your Elected Officials


Step 1 - Who are you?

Be sure to tell your elected officials that you are a constituent (voting member of their community). You are welcome to include any information that qualifies you to speak on the issue (i.e. community member, family of a community member, subject expert, etc.).

Step 2 - What do you want?

Identify exactly what you find problematic. If your letter is regarding a specific piece of legislation, identify the bill by its number (eg. H.R. ___ or S. __).

Step 3 - Why is this an issue?

While you may find that you have a multitude of problems with an issue, try to narrow it down to the three most important points. Legislative aides read many letters in a day, so do your best to keep your letter down to one page.

Step 4 - Why is the issue important to you and the elected official?

How is the issue going to affect the community that they represent? Use a personal story that shows how this issue affects you and your family. If not you, another member in the community.

Step 5 - What is your relationship with the elected official?

Have you ever voted for this elected official? Contributed time or money to their campaign? Maybe they just represent your community? The closer your elected official feels to you, the more powerful your argument is likely to be so be sure to include your relationship with them.


  • Be concise - one page

  • Be courteous

  • Be firm

Remember: You do not need any special qualifications to contact your elected officials. They are in office to serve the people - including you! They do not know everything about every subject so there is a good chance you may know more about an issue than they do. 

Letter Template:

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