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Know Your Rights

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Courtesy of KJS & Associates please enjoy this booklet “Know Your Rights” written by attorney Keith J Staten. It is a general overview of criminal law and the court process. It is by no means a complete discussion on those topics. This booklet is not legal advice but rather a resource to stay educated and current on YOUR RIGHTS.

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“DISCLAIMER: The following handbook has been provided for educational purposes only. It is intended for California residents only. You will notice the occasional reference to Sacramento County, courts, and DA’s office. Please disregard if you are not located in Sacramento but do find the proper information for your specific county. This handbook is NOT legal advice. Acceptance and use of the handbook by you does not form an attorney-client relationship with KJS & Associates nor with The Purple Gavel Group. If you have a pending criminal matter, please consult with a licensed attorney. Visit the State Bar website to check the status of an attorney’s license and possible referral services.”

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